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PuriFi IQ System with Smart Automation

PuriFi IQ System with Smart Automation

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The only air and surface purification system to prove its performance

PuriFi works seamlessly with your HVAC system, continuously purifying your entire indoor environment. It is the only sensor-driven automated air and surface purification system to monitor, measure, and continuously improve indoor air quality.

Our responsive design communicates real-time data of indoor particle counts and enables the PuriFi system to actively respond and maintain indoor air quality while verifying your air is clean. You can view and manage your system’s performance anytime, anywhere with the PuriFi app. Get on-demand analytics and insights, ensuring your air is pure.

PuriFi offers an air quality management solution that integrates with your HVAC system, utilizes sensor-driven automation, and continuously improves indoor air quality. Its responsive design and the ability to monitor and measure real-time data allow for effective purification and maintenance of clean air.

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