Special Rebate Offer for Specialized Dental Partners (SDP):

Pricing for clean air solutions from PuriFi are priced per property to meet the specific needs of that home or business.

However, if SDP and PuriFi enter into an Enterprise-Wide pricing agreement, all previous customers within the SDP network, including SDP employees, will be provided a rebate to ensure their net pricing matches the Enterprise pricing agreement with SDP.

How PuriFi Works



  • It's Incredible

    We were surprised by things we didn’t notice were gone, such as our dust had decreased tremendously. It’s incredible! We have definitely saved money on products you use to try to make your house smell fresh. You don’t have to anymore; the house just feels clean.

    - Julie Simpson, AZ

  • Feel the Difference

    I can certainly tell you that we are now living in the cleanest air we’ve ever lived in. There are a lot of heavy materials in my car shop, and they were affecting me physically. After putting the unit into my shop, I’ve noticed a distinct improvement in how the shop feels. I not only smell the difference, but I can feel the difference. This system has definitely helped me to improve.

    - Mark Nemschoff, AZ

  • Ease of Breath

    I was born with asthma and moved to Arizona as a child for better air quality. I never grew out of my childhood breathing issues and now at 83, I don’t know what I would do with out my 2 PuriFi units in my home.  I can tell my ease of breath is better in my home and I have a better quality of life.  I would recommend this product to anyone who cares about their health.  My wife and I are grateful for this addition to our home.

    - Jerry and Lynn Scottsdale, AZ

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